Service, Repair and Rentals

Bike Service

Whether you need your derailleurs adjusted, a broken spoke replaced or a complete overhaul that makes your bicycle run and look even better than new, the service repair experts at the Outdoor Edge have the experience, knowledge and factory training to do the job right the first time, every time.
Below we have included detailed descriptions of our service packages. Please contact us any time. Or even better, bring your bike in to discuss your bicycle issues and find out which package is appropriate. Estimates are always free so you'll get the information you need and can decide how to proceed.
If you need immediate or rushed service to be ready for that big ride or event, please ask, and we'll do our best to fit you in (express service charge may apply).

Bicycle Service Packages

$29.99 - Basic Inspection Adjustment - Check and adjust basic bicycle systems. 

$58.99 - Annual Preventative Maintenance - Another year of trouble free operation for occasional riders.

$89.99 - Performance Plus - For frequent riders or bikes operated in dusty conditions.  Annual
maintenance & adjustments plus drive-train disassmbly, detailing and
rebuild.  For snappy shifting and whisper quiet operation.

$149.99 - Comprehensive Mechanical Rebuild - Complete mechanical disassembly, inspection and rebuild.

$199.99 - Comprehensive Mechanical Frameset Rebuild - Complete frame detailing, mechanical disassembly and rebuild.

Ski and Snowboard Services

When the snow begins to fall, the Outdoor Edge is here to service all your skis, both downhill and
cross-country, as well as snowboards to keep you going for a great winter experience!

Ski & Snowboard Services

$25.99 - Downhill Ski Tune-Up

$34.99 - Snowboard Tune-Up

$15.99 - XC/Downhill Hot-wax

$24.99 - Snowboard Hot-wax

$32.00 - Ski Binding Mount

$15.00 - Snowboard Binding Mount

New This Year - Hot Box Waxing

What is it?  Your skis are placed in a hot box with wax on them. The wax slowly(about 4hrs.) melts into the pores of the skis which means longer lasting and faster skis for you down the slopes or on the trail. It's like hot waxing your skis 15 times or more! This works for both skate skis and alpine.

Hot Box Wax


New Skis

LF Base wax hot box 4hrs

LF top coat

Hot Box Wax


Previously waxed skis

Hot wax scrape

LF base wax hot box 4hrs

LF top coat

XC Ski / Snowshoe Rentals

Ask about skate and seasonal rentals.

XC Ski - $24.99/day - $35.99/weekend - $159.99/season (Adult) - $119.99/season (Kids)

Snowshoe - $15.99/day - $19.99/weekend

Kayak & Canoe Rentals

Includes life jackets and paddles.

$65.00/weekend  -  $40.00/day

Bicycle Rentals

Comfort/Hybrid Trek Verve 2 Bicycle

$24.99/weekend  -  $19.99/day